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Shinebright Productions

to radiate; to be brilliant; new; refreshing

We are talented and motivated media artists and professionals imagining, creating,
producing and distributing visually compelling and inspiring branded advertising,
marketing, and promotional content for corporate, business and entertainment clients.

Throughout our careers we have worked for some of the biggest names in the media
creation and distribution business including NBC, Miramax, Dogmatic and On The Scene
Productions. We have learned much from their successes, as well as failures, and have
taken those lessons and created a new and improved vision of our own.

At Shinebright Productions IMAGINATION and CREATIVITY work in harmony with
inspired product and provide unsurpassed service to our clients.

We specialize in producing videos that create a clear and personal connection between
your brand and it’s targeted audience internally, locally, nationally, and globally.

Starting projects with a definitive goal is at the core of our work ethic. We pride
ourselves in our ability to work with our clients to help create and realize their initial
ideas and turn them into dynamic spots, campaigns, and events.
At Shinebright Productions we know that starts by telling a clear and compelling story,
and we are expert storytellers. Creative music, graphics, and editing are then designed
and executed to embellish and amplify your message.

We distribute your creative content and messaging through various mediums including
social media, micro sites, webisodes, mobile technologies, and traditional broadcast
outlets providing clear messaging and impactful branding in progressive, relevant mediums.

With our many years of combined experience in imagination, creation, production, post-
production and distribution, our team offers only the best creative solutions to insure your
brand’s ideals and products Shinebright in 2011!

Founding Partners:        

Gary Thut                         Konrad Roman